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Beaver Valley Raceway - BEAVER VALLEY RACEWAY
Nearest town: Hookstown.
Races: One Sunday a month May through October. District 5 State Championship event sponsored by Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. Beaver Valley triathalon which decides an overall champion from separate MX, hare scrambles and hillclimb events.
Layout: Course length is 1-1/2 miles and is covered with intermediate dirt (no rocks). The terrain is hilly. The track is moistened via an irrigation system.
Background: Now in its 11th year of operation, the 80-acre Beaver Valley Raceway is owned by Sandy Myers, a competitive hare scrambles rider who went looking for the ultimate place to ride. What he found was the site of the former Green Acres and then White Knuckles motocross track. He completely revamped it into Beaver Valley.
Contact: (724) 693-2880.
Challenger Raceway - CHALLENGER RACEWAY
Nearest town: Jacksonville.
Races: Six Sunday events are held from February to September. There is a Loretta Lynn Qualifier in March and a Pennsylvania State Championship in September.
Layout: Elevation is 1300 feet and the course length is 1-1/4 miles. The disced clay is loamy on race day but can get hardpack. The track is watered by an underground system.
Background: For 14 years Challenger has been running races on its 220-acres. The property is always open for riding, but the track is off limits except on race day. Former rider Jack Lentz decided to turn his property into a park mainly because his boys are into motocross.
Contact: (724) 726-5494.
Doublin Gap - DOUBLIN GAP
Nearest town: Shippensburg.
Races: Two Saturday or Sunday events a month. Doublin Gap hosts a Loretta Lynn Qualifier, Thor/Parts Unlimited Northeast Classic and Pennsylvania Allstar Nationals. (The last two are included on the factory contingency payout list.
Layout: Course length is two miles and covers rolling hills with intermediate dirt. The big jump is Mazda Mountain, a big step-up and step-down combination. Three water trucks are used to wet the course.
Background: Doublin Gap has been in existence for 13 years and operates on 40 acres. The park is run by Jeffrey and Carol Yentzer along with sons Jeffrey and Rodney. When there aren’t any races, Doublin Gap runs supervised practice days on Saturday and Sunday.
Contact: (717) 249-6036.
Evansville - EVANSVILLE
Nearest town: Berwick.
Races: Six day events and 21 Saturday night races. A June 5th District 6 Contingency event and a State Championship SX in August are also held.
Layout: Located in the Susquehanna Valley, the 1-1/4 mile outdoor circuit runs across very hilly, hardpack clay with some rocks and a few supercross obstacles. The supercross track is 3/4 miles. An irrigation system hydrates both circuits.
Background: Evansville, a former go-kart track, operates on 100 acres. The track is owned by George Masich and has offered motocross since 1984. This was Rick Johnson’s favorite East Coast practice spot for years. (Roger DeCoster also took Jeff Ward here to ride with Rick and prep for the ‘87 MX des Nations at Unadilla.)
Contact: (570) 759-2841 or

Field Of Dreams - FIELD OF DREAMS
Nearest town: Jennerstown.
Races: Seven Sunday events. A Crazy 8 Race in April, trophies back to eight places to all classes. There is also a Pennsylvania Summer Series and a Youth Day that touts thousands of dollars in prizes. Gifts include riding gear, accessories, tools, air compressor and pressure washer.
Layout: Course length is 1-1/4 mile and the dirt is loamy topsoil. The terrain is mostly flat with a small hill section. An in-ground watering system is used.
Background: In its sixth year of operation, Field of Dreams runs on 20 acres of farmland that is owned by Dave Berkey. Dave owns Berkey Excavating and used his equipment to first build a practice track for sons Brad and Kevin.
Contact: (814) 629-6591.
Flying Dutchman Motocross - FLYING DUTCHMAN MOTOCROSS
Nearest town: Pine Grove.
Races: Two Sundays a month from March to October. Flying Dutchman hosts Kawasaki contingency events.
Layout: The one-mile course winds across flat terrain. Sawdust and topsoil are spread over and worked into the indigenous, hard base terra firma, and the dirt is loamy on race day. There are some rocks and the popular jump is the big finish line tabletop.

Background: The Flying Dutchman MC started riding at this 25-acre site 40 years ago. The club purchased the farm land in 1971 and has consistently renovated the park. Now it’s possible for riders to sit in the huge, 300-person capacity clubhouse and watch TV between motos. Also offered are a kitchen, home cooking, flushing toilets and camping.
Contact: (717) 345-6340.
Happy Ramblers Motocross - HAPPY RAMBLERS MOTOCROSS
Nearest town: Hanover.
Races: Two Sunday events a month from March through June and September through October. The Easter Motocross is sponsored by local shops and offers bigger purses and prizes.
Layout: The elevation of Happy Ramblers is 500 feet and the course is 8/10-mile long. Designed on flat terrain, the dirt is packed clay and there are some rocks. A big tabletop at the completion of each lap is a crowd favorite.
Background: Happy Ramblers MC has been around since 1932. They used to run flat track in the ‘70s and got into motocross in the ‘80s. The 20-acre property is owned by, and is open anytime to, club members. The annual fee is $40 and you are required to help put on six races and do six additional work days.
Contact: (717) 633-7708.

High Point Raceway - HIGH POINT RACEWAY
Nearest town: Mt. Morris.
Races: Weekend events include a National on the May 29-30 Memorial Day weekend, a round of the ATV Grand National MX Championships, a Grand National Cross Country and a Vet Senior National.
Layout: Intermediate dirt that can get packed covers the 1-1/2 mile, hillside circuit. There are some rocks. The uphill triple behind the starting gate and the finishline tabletop are the two big jumps at High Point.
Background: For 30 years the Coombs have held events on the property that is jointly owned by brothers Jack and Carroll Holbert. Sons Steve and Mike Holbert are both top GNCC competitors. High Point is a well-liked track that earns bonus points for its distinctive layout and exceptional spectating potential.
Contact: (304) 284-0084.

Holeshot Raceway - HOLESHOT-RACEWAY
Nearest town: Pymatuning.
Races: Eight Sunday and 21 Friday or Saturday night races. Two-Day Explosions are held in July and October.
Layout: Dirt is trucked in to give the two-mile outdoor site a combination of hardpack and sandy dirt. Triples and doubles fill the layout. The one-mile supercross track runs on a shortened version of the big track.
Background: The Competition Riders of America, (888) 272-6947, have run Holeshot-Raceway for eight years Open practice days are held throughout the year and during the summer one night session is held per week. Holeshot-Raceway is owned by Art Cervi, a motocross enthusiast who DJs for a local radio station. Art prides himself on having an excellent PA system and some of the best announcing in the state.
Contact: (814) 683-5655.
Hurricane Hills Sports Center - HURRICANE HILLS
Nearest town: Scranton.
Races: 14 Sundays including a Thor/Parts Unlimited Northeast Classic, Pennsylvania State MX Championship, Boyesen/Twin-Air Youth National Championship and AHRMA Vintage Regional.
Layout: At 1800 feet elevation, Hurricane Hills is the highest track in Pennsylvania. The one-mile course is covered in loamy brown dirt that is mixed with sawdust. There are some tabletops with the big jump being a huge step-up that can be jumped onto or completely over. An in-ground watering system is used.
Background: Hurricane Hills, a former ski slope, has been running motocross since 1968 and is one of the oldest tracks in America. Broome Tioga owner Tom Hurd took over the operation of the 75-acre property in 1968.
Contact: (570) 222 9290 or

Luzerne Park - LUZERNE PARK
Nearest town: Brownsville.
Races: Twelve weekend events are held per year.
Layout: This 1-1/4 mile track sprawls across intermediate dirt and follows rolling terrain up and into a pine forest. The jump midway through the long straight is the spectator favorite.
Background: Luzerne is a city park with softball and soccer fields. In the ‘70s, Dave Coombs met with the Mayor and convinced him to construct a track on 30-acres of park property. Sweet Commotion Dirt Bikes is committed to turning motocross into the primary attraction.
Contact: (304) 284-0084.
MX 573 - MX 573
Nearest town: Montrose.
Races: None. Open daily from March through December for practice only.
Layout: Resting at 2500 feet, this 1-1/2 mile track runs across rolling hills and is covered in groomed, sifted, loamy dirt purchased from a topsoil company. The layout includes a backwards-falling practice gate and the Mountain Top, a giant hilltop camelback jump.
Background: Formerly a practice track for Wayne Scott—and named after his National Number—motocross 573 went commercial in the ‘90s. The farmland property is owned by Ed and Gary Montross. The track can be rented for $25 a day per person. Camping is available for a $15 charge and $25 with electrical hook-up. Tony DiStefano (410) 635-6916 will host a two-day school in June, and Wayne Scott hosts schools in July and August, (732) 752-1512.
Contact: (570) 967-6686; (570) 278-1805.
Pagoda Motocross Park - PAGODA MOTOCROSS PARK
Nearest town: Birdsboro.
Races: Seven Sunday motocross events, two short tracks and one TT a year.
Layout: Course length is 1-1/2 miles. The red clay is loamy on raceday and can become hardpack when it’s not worked. There is an occasional rock. An in-ground watering system is used. Pee-wees race on a separate, 50cc track. There is also a 1/8-mile dirt oval and a 1/2-mile TT course.
Background: The Pagoda Motorcycle Club is named after a well known landmark on the top of Mt. Penn in Reading. The 10-acre riding site was conceived in 1945, the motocross course was designed in 1983 and there is a clubhouse on the property.
Contact: (610) 582-3717.
Pleasure Valley Raceway - PLEASURE VALLEY RACEWAY
Nearest town: Johnstown.
Races: Sixteen Saturday and Sunday races a year. Special races consist of a Loretta Lynn Qualifier, District 5 Spring Series race, Summer Series event and a round of the State Championship Series.
Layout: Local elevation is 2600 feet and course length is one mile. The dirt is top soil with mixed-in sawdust, and loamy in consistency. The 60-foot double by the grandstands is the track favorite.
Background: For 10 years Pleasure Valley has been running races on its 130-acres. Jeff Cernic of Cernic Suzuki in Johnstown, (814) 944-7435, had family land to use and wanted to give people a place to ride other than 45 minutes away at Steel City.
Contact: (814) 536-1845.
Riverland Motocross - RIVERLAND MOTOCROSS
Nearest town: Plymouth Township.
Races: Nineteen Sunday and some Saturday events per year. A big Labor Day event is being planned.
Layout: The one-mile track winds across perfect river dirt with no rocks. The flat terrain is built up with doubles, tabletops and a giant tunnel jump.
Background: The 20-acre Riverland Motocross park has just opened and is in its first year of operation. The land is owned by Greg Renninger, a competitive local who always dreamed of having his own track. That fantasy became a reality when Greg’s partnership in Renninger Strausser Builders gave him the equipment that he needed to move earth, and he acquired 20 acres of vacant land.
Contact: (570) 784-6273.
Sleepy Hollow MX Park, Inc. - SLEEPY HOLLOW MX PARK INC.
Nearest town: Fredericksburg.
Races: Thirteen Sundays, one Saturday the day before Easter and one Labor Day event per year. The latter two races are big, sponsored events that offer tons of cool prizes and gargantuan five-foot trophies.
Layout: Course length is 1-1/4 mile and the track is covered in shale and hardpack clay. The terrain is rolling and course makeup is mostly natural. Banzai, a 90-foot double with a downhill landing, and a 70-foot tabletop are the two favorite jumps.
Background: Twenty-three years ago, four riders, including the owner of Lebanon Valley Honda, constructed a track in an old farm pasture. Eight years later the track was taken over by Walter Elliot, a motocross event promoter for Lebanon Valley Motorcycle Club.
Contact: (717) 273-1180 and (717) 865-5530.

Steel City - STEEL CITY
Nearest town: Delmont.
Races: Sunday and weekend races are held throughout the racing season. There is an April Loretta Lynn Qualifier and September 5 National final on Labor Day weekend.
Layout: The 1-1/4 mile course covers natural terrain and runs up both sides of a valley. The packed dirt is worked into an intermediate consistency.
Background: Run on an empty field that is adjacent to an airport and under a fly zone, Steel City has been hosting races for 15 years. The track is owned by the Bellora family, and daughter Chris has wed National competitor Mike Jones. Currently the two live right next to the track.
Contact: (304) 284-0084.
West Moreland Fairgrounds - WEST MORELAND
Nearest town: Greensburg.
Races: Thirteen Friday night events May through August and an occasional Sunday event. A round of the District 5 State Championship series is run October 24.
Layout: The arenacross circuit is on flat terrain, features packed clay and measures 6/10 of a mile. The one-mile Sunday circuit runs up and out of the arena for more elevation change.
Background: When the Motordrome Speedway ceased operation, Bud Little went looking for new site. In 1991 Bud worked out a deal with West Morland to construct a permanent track inside the fairgrounds. Occasional practice days are held the day before outdoor events.
Contact: (724) 929-5396.