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Name of Track Contact #/email Track Information
Albany Motorsports Park - ALBANY MOTORSPORTS PARK
From March through October, Albany runs Saturday and Sunday races and Wednesday practices. The course is revised for each race and ranges from 1-1/2 to two-miles in length. The sand-over-clay dirt is loamy when prepped. Leaps include 40- to 120-foot doubles and triples, a 100-foot double-decker tabletop, and a three-tier step-up that, depending a track direction, can be jumped 120- to 160-feet. Nearest town: Albany.
Contact: (541) 928-4474 or (541) 924-0475.
Clarks Branch Cycle Club - CLARKS BRANCH CYCLE CLUB
Up to two races a month are offered from January through June and September through December. The track is open for practice seven days a week. Measuring one-mile, the sandy clay dirt stays intermediate on half of the track and packs on the rest. A 100-foot downhill double and 65-foot concessions tabletop are the talked about jumps. Designed on the side of a hill, Clarks Branch drains water so well that races can be held during a rain storm. Nearest town: Roseburg.
Contact: (541) 673-9805.
Eugene Motocross - EUGENE MOTOCROSS
Measuring one-mile, the intermediate red clay track sprawls across a gentle hillside. Known more as a fast layout, Eugenes stand-out jumps include a 110-foot triple, 60-foot uphill tabletop and a 55-foot downhill double. A practice Pee-Wee track is available and the 22-acre park-like setting makes it a family favorite. Practice is held the Saturday before each once-a-month race. Nearest town: Junction City.
Contact: (541) 686-0661.
Open seven days a week for practice, Klamath offers races once a month May through October. The big jumps are a 75-foot triple, 65-foot finish line tabletop and 90-foot whoop section. The pits are shaded by pine trees. The track is included within the Bob Schultz Sportsman Park, a 360-acre recreational facility that offers many other activities. Nearest town: Keno.
Contact: (541) 545-6113
Mountain View Cycle Park - MOUNTAIN VIEW CYCLE PARK
Touted as a little Washougal, but with more jumps, Mountain View offers daytime events and runs practice every Tuesday from April until the end of October. The track is closed November through March. The two-mile course offers tacky loam, a wide layout and lots of elevation change. The big jumps include a 75-foot tabletop, 120-foot triple and 1500-foot long whoop section. Nearest town: Sandy.
Contact: (503) 668-4648.
Portland International Raceway - PORTLAND INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY
Besides drags, NASCAR and Kart events, Portland International has run motocross for the past 30 years. Only races are held at this track, and the Thursday night season runs from April through September. The 3/4-mile circuit is covered in sandy loam and includes two whoop sections and jumps that are more tall and technical than far apart. The grandstands offer clear viewing of the entire course. Nearest town: Portland.
Contact: (503) 823-7223 or (503) 590-3356.
This 16-acre motoplex spent most of its life in the rumor mill until Vet racers Greg McDaniel and Joe Bruhns made it happen. Blessed with loamy dirt, Rouge Valleys 1-1/4 mile layout is a 50/50 mix of fast outdoor and tight supercross. sections. The popular jump is an 80-foot tabletop. Scheduled weekday practices and up to two races are run a month. There is a separate Pee-Wee track. Nearest town: Medford.
Contact: (541) 664-9225 or (541) 878-2243.
Salem Arenacross - SALEM ARENACROSS
Included in the Northwest Arenacross Series, Salem offers Friday and Saturday night races, and Tuesday and Wednesday night practices are run from October to February. Sandy loam covers the half-mile course and a new layout is designed for each race. Layouts will often include a 40-foot tall by 70-foot long tabletop or double in the center of the two-acre building. This track gives locals a place to ride during nasty weather. Nearest town: Salem.
Contact: (541) 928-4474 or (541) 924-0475.
Wallowa Mountain Motocross - WALLOWA MOUNTAIN MOTOCROSS
Open seven days a week for practice, Wallowa offers eight events a year. The intermediate dirt is loamy in texture when prepped. Course length is one mile. More of an outdoor design than supercross, there is one good climb, a great whoop section, a rhythm section and a 60-foot tabletop. A Pee-Wee track and overnight camping are available. Nearest town: Enterprise.
Contact: (541) 426-6284.
Weather permitting, Willow Creek offers races year-round and practices are held the Saturday before events. The course is 1-1/2 miles long and has a clay-base with numerous 150- to 400-foot sand traps. The outdoor- lap has a unique supercross feel with numerous triples, doubles, tabletops and rhythm sections. The monster leaps are the 165-foot double, 80-foot tabletop and 80-foot triple. Nearest town: Madras.
Contact: (541) 385-1353.