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Name of Track Contact #/email Track Information
Andrews Supercross - ANDREWS SUPERCROSS
A family-run operation, the one-mile track sits adjacent to Andrews Motorsports. While brother Curt runs the shop, former two-digit National privateer and Damon Bradshaw mechanic Mike Andrews operates the track. The dirt is blue-grove hardpack and the step-ups and doubles are kept to 50-feet in length. Practice is held on Saturday. Nearest town: Concord.
Contact: (704) 782-6134.
Beachnut Park - BEACHNUT PARK
Open daily for practice the past 12 years, this 3/4-mile circuit is cover in packed red clay. Two 100-foot doubles and a 12-jump rhythm section are included in the design. Beachnut Park's 80-acre recreation site also includes a swimming pool, water slides and a three-mile cross-country loop. A race schedule is in the works. Nearest town: Mount Airy.
Contact: (336) 320-3360.
Black Ankle Raceway - BLACK ANKLE RACEWAY
Called The Little Ascot of the East, this small, TT-like track is run by the legendary M.H. Shoaf. Black Ankle draws a consistent crowd of motocrossers to its Saturday-night race calendar. The track is 1/4-mile long and filled with numerous tabletop jumps--the longest being 40 feet. The surface is packed clay. Nearest town: Troy.
Contact: (910) 572-2003.
Cathey's Creek - CATHEY'S CREEK
Six years ago, the Yelton family founded Cathey Creek. Operating on 45 acres, the 1.1 miles course undulates across rolling terrain. Sawdust is added to the red clay and results in a consistent, intermediate mix. The big jump is an 80-foot triple. Day or night races are held twice a month. Nearest town: Forest City.
Contact: (828) 287-4100.
Daniels Ridge Motocross - DANIELS RIDGE MOTOCROSS
Measuring 8/10-mile long, with intermediate red clay, Daniels Ridge has a supercross layout with an 80-foot tabletop, 120-foot camelback, 148-foot step-up and a 14-whoop rhythm section. In operation for five years, the track is run by the motocrossing Clippard clan. Nearest town: Taylorville.
Contact: (828) 635-8635; (828) 758-4342.
Devil's Ridge - DEVIL'S RIDGE
Intermediate red clay fills this 1-1/4 mile circuit. Weekend races are run during the spring and fall, and one to two practices are scheduled once a month throughout the year. The terrain is rolling and the mostly natural layout includes a 90-foot plateau in the center. Devil's Ridge is managed by the Cameron family. Nearest town: Sanford.
Contact: (919) 776-1767.
East Bend Motocross - EAST BEND MOTOCROSS.
Open for practice from March to December, East Bend runs a few day events and mostly an every-other-week, Saturday-night race schedule. Night practices are also held Tuesday and Thursday from 5 pm to 9:30 pm. The 3/4-mile course offers intermediate red clay. East Bend is operated by Jerry Sharpe on 60 acres. Nearest town: Winston-Salem.
Contact: (336) 699-3629.
Open for three years, Eastern Carolina MX Park holds races twice a month and practices on Saturday and non-race Sundays. The one-mile layout has dream-like dirt. The jumps are built out of clay and include a 90-foot table and a 90-foot triple. The track is the result of dedicated locals working together to build their own track. Nearest town: Kenly.
Contact: (919) 735-5221.
Elizabeth City Motocross - ELIZABETH CITY MOTOCROSS
A one-mile course over dense sand, the Dixieland Motorsports Complex's motocross circuit has run the first Sunday of every month for 22 years. A 70-foot tabletop, 75 triple and 85-foot triple are configured into the layout. A 3/4-mile supercross and Saturday-night schedule is in the works for summer. A separate Pee-Wee layout is available. Nearest town: Elizabeth City.
Contact: (757) 549-7012.
Flight School - FLIGHT SCHOOL
One day last year, a group of metal workers at Protech Fabrications decided to design a supercross track on their 24-acre property. The one-mile course offers intermediate dirt, rolling terrain, two 80-foot doubles and a nice set of whoops. Flight School is well regarded for its tight, technical arrangement. Nearest town: Mooresville.
Contact: (704) 663-1721.
Meeks Track - MEEKS TRACK
Operating within 2000 acres of pristine deer hunting territory, Meeks is open on Sundays only from October to January and daily the remainder of the year. Originally designed by local pro Mark Williams, the 8/10-mile circuit has an eight-inch cover of loam over a packed-clay base. There is a 100-foot tabletop, 80-foot tabletop and 80-foot triple. Nearest town: Rocky Point.
Contact: (910) 675-8255.
Metrolina Supercross - METROLINA SUPERCROSS
Managed at a privately-owned expo center, Metrolina sits just half-a-mile from the former Charlotte National track of the early '80s. Metrolina's 3/4-mile course alternates Saturdays with Shelby Supercross. If you leap off the finish-line tabletop, you can fly 60 feet to the following jump. Nearest town: Charlotte.
Contact: (704) 460-0408.
Best known for its unusual, deep, beach-like sand, the Montrose course berms up deep and gets extremely whooped out. A tricky section is a ski jump with a following whoop section. The fast line is to jump at least 60 feet onto the backside of a whoop and carry speed up the rough section. Races are held during the Fall and Spring only. Nearest town: Aberdeen.
Contact: (704) 596-6577.
Originally the practice track of up-and-coming local Siler Chapman, the land's lease has now been taken over by the crew at Performance Suzuki/Honda. The 25-acre practice spot offers a one-mile supercross design and a separate Pee-Wee track. Numerous doubles and tabletops dot the course. Membership is required. Nearest town: Waxham.
Contact: (704) 889-3500.
Rolling Hills Cycle Park - ROLLING HILLS CYCLE PARK
After watching a motocross race, Earl Millsap was inspired to build his own track some 28 years ago. The site provides both a 1-1/4 miles outdoor and one-mile night circuit. The longer course covers rolling terrain and natural obstacles, including 15- and 30-foot dropoffs. The supercross jumps are kept in the realm of 50 feet. Nearest town: Reidsville.
Contact: (336) 342-4492.
Shallotte Point Supercross - SHALLOTTE POINT SUPERCROSS
Every-other-Saturday-night events, daily practice and a Wednesday night practice schedule are run throughout the year. The hardpack clay track measures 1/2 mile and delivers the following jumps: 80-foot, three-tier, downhill triple; 60-foot tabletop and a rhythm section that can be doubled or tripled for 60 feet. Larry Ward is a former regular. Nearest town: Shallotte.
Contact: (910) 755-2000.
Shelby Supercross - SHELBY SUPERCROSS
Former Mega Series Champion Joe Williams promoted races for other tracks before holding races at Shelby Supercross. The 5/8-mile arenacross circuit is inside a horse arena at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds. The track has great lighting and the big leaps are a 60-foot double and a 60-foot tabletop. Nearest town: Shelby.
Contact: (704) 460-0408.
Silver Creek Motocross - SILVER CREEK MOTOCROSS
For ten years Fun Cycles' mechanic Aaron Bollinger has held practice sessions on his 1-1/2 mile, natural-terrain layout. The intermediate dirt rolls through a creek, up a steep climb and runs next to the edge of the forest before dropping back down. The standout obstacles are an 80-foot step-up and treacherous whoop section. Nearest town: Morganton.
Contact: (828) 584-0615.
Top Gun Motocross - TOP GUN MOTOCROSS
If you buy a bike from trackside dealership Al Lane Kawasaki/Yamaha, you can practice at Top Gun year round for no charge. Course length is one mile and the sawdust and red clay mix of soil is loamy when prepped. Expert-level riders jump over the 90-foot in-and-out pit and also leap 70 feet off the finish-line tabletop to the next jump. Nearest town: Lincolnton.
Contact: (704) 732-8200.